tissue tape scrapbook layout

Tim Holtz tissue tape

I recently attended a crop at Archiver’s (love that store!) and since it’s been a long time since I’ve set foot into a scrapbooking store or seen any new products, I was going a little crazy, especially when I got to the Tim Holtz section and found these packages of tissue tape.


tissue tape

I have to confess, I have become rather obsessed with these little rolls.  I’ve been chewing my husband’s ear off constantly too, going on about it every time I sit at my desk to get something done.   He talks about politics and cars all the time, though, so I don’t feel bad.

This tape is sticky so you don’t need to worry about adhering it, and it’s transparent, so the colors of your piece will still show through, but it instantly adds another dimension to whatever you’re working on.  This stuff is the shiz!  Here is the wedding page I recently worked on, as well.

tissue tape scrapbook layout

tissue tape layout close up

This is one of the first pages I’ve finished in a couple years, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed doing this.  I’ve been out of touch with the art and scrapbooking world for a long time, and I’m finally starting to feel that I’m getting my groove back.

This page did not turn out exactly as I wanted it to, and it’s not perfect- if you look closely, you can see some of my words are written a little crooked.  Though I often wish I had better handwriting, better design instincts, better ideas of color and space, my pages and journals are as much for my family as they are for me, and my designs are mine.  I love that, and the fact that I can continually learn more everyday.  All I have to do is make time and try things.  So the fact that I have mistakes in my projects doesn’t irritate me.  They add yet another layer to whatever I do, and help me remember the reasons I love my art so much- to explore myself and my talents.  I really think I’m getting better.  🙂  It just takes a little effort.  And perhaps a little tissue tape.


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  1. Anjuli Johnson
    Anjuli Johnson says:

    No, I love tips. I’m constantly looking at other people’s projects for ideas, so now I have a couple more. 🙂 Those are great ideas… I think I’ll probably use my watermark pad for some background texture- though I do the scuff thing all the time. 🙂

  2. KaseyQ
    KaseyQ says:

    Love the steampunk look! And yes, I’m obsessed with ink too. A project is not finished until I have inked every edge. I think all you needed with that scrapbook page was a little more going on in the white background- if it were me I’d do a very light repeating stamp pattern (so the writing would still show through) or even just use the brown ink and scuff it up a bit. A darker mat for your photo- maybe in brown- might have helped tie it all in.

    Hope I don’t sound critical, ‘cause I’m not at all! I love the finished product as is! Hoping I can get into it again soon too…until then I’ll just live vicariously through you, if that’s okay. 😉


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