Magic the Gathering Altered Deck

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here’s to the special people in our life, be they husband, sister, friend, or coworker.

For me, this is the first Valentine’s Day I celebrated as a married woman and I wanted to make something extra special for my husband, so of course I had to do something artsy and cheesy.  🙂

For anyone who knows my husband, you’ll know he’s very much into somewhat nerdy pursuits, the most nerdy of which would have to be his love for a card game called “Magic the Gathering”.  He’s been playing for maybe 4 years or so, and he loves it because of it’s intricacies and the strategy involved.  This is not a game you can learn overnight.  It takes a lot of time, and though he’s been telling me about this game and making me play with him for over a year, he tells me something new every day.  This game is seriously complicated, but he loves that it’s such a test for his brain.  So, what choice did I have for Valentine’s Day than to make him yet another deck?

magic the gathering altered deck album There are many formats to playing this game- the one he plays most of the time is called standard, and it’s a way of playing one on one. To play the game, you basically make your own deck out of whatever cards you choose.

In magic, there are 5 card colors you can choose from- red, black, white, green, and blue.  I used these colors to separate my deck into 5 categories.  Each represents a different aspect of our relationship, like trust, or faith.  Each color has a different land that in the game, is called “mana” and is used as a resource.  You can only play cards if you have the right amount of “mana” to play them.  So, normally each land is one mana.  Of course, I may have altered the cards a bit…
magic the gathering mini album giftMy husband laughed when he saw how I’d altered these mana cards.  Basically, I made them all way more awesome and useful then they are in the game.  As he was reading them, he lamented that he couldn’t really use any of them.  One turn with some of them and he would win, hands down.

The non-mana cards I used to tell him things about him I was grateful for, and ways in which I cared for him.  Totally romantic and cheesy, I know.  🙂015

Ok, now that I’ve thoroughly confused you all with my poor attempt to explain magic, suffice it to say that I had a lot of fun making something for my husband that I knew he would love and appreciate.

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  1. Sherilyn
    Sherilyn says:

    We play MTG in our house an I want to build my husband a deck with this idea in mind. Can you give me some more info on what you used for the cards specifically? Would you contact me if you don’t want to post here? I need ideas on which cards to use or how to create my own. Thank you for your time


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