Making Mistakes and Overcoming Them in Your Art

This piece confounded me for a looooong time.  It seemed that whatever I did, it was determined to be uncooperative.  I was making mistakes right and left.  Has that ever happened to you?  I thought I would just have to scrap the whole thing…

One of the problems was the black background.  This was the first time I’ve ever used a black canvas, and it required a change in mindset as well as supplies- many of the original colors I used didn’t stand out very well.  You can see some of the splatters- vaguely.  I eventually found some purples that stood out much better, and being able to highlight those with some darker pinks and light reds finally enabled me to turn this piece around.  All these colors together really added to the way the whole piece pops.

Another part I had to change was the main core of the piece.  Originally, it was much smaller- the black background was the dominant feature, which was what I was envisioning to begin with.  However, as I tried to make my idea come to life, it just wasn’t working.  It looked terrible, even forgetting the wrong paint colors I was using.  Once I began to let go of the vision in my head, and allowed the piece to form on its’ own (as it was apparently determined to do), everything came together and it actually looks much closer to the splattered crater I was going for.  The picture doesn’t show it, but where my paper pieces are is a crater-like mound that comes off the canvas at least an inch and a half.  I added some wire to it to give it a more alien feel.

hot mess mixed media

I have so many fears when it comes to creation.  I’m afraid that my ability to bring my visions to life will never be sufficient.  I’m afraid that my mistakes will be too much and too many to fix.  And I’m afraid to show and talk about the things that I do wrong (hence my lack of in process pictures- sorry about that.  Gotta keep working on that fear!).

Of course, each time I create, I can feel myself chipping away at those fears.  Little by little, they are receding and I become more confident, more determined, and more talented.

So, don’t let your fear of making mistakes stop you from creating!  Mistakes are inevitable, and, as I am learning, also necessary in your journey to become better than you are at the moment.  If you keep trying, your mistakes can become beautiful works of art!