abstract mini canvases

Abstract Mini Canvases with Quilling & Texture Paste

I love it when my experiments work out the way I’m hoping.  Trying new supplies and techniques can be pretty tricky, but these abstract mini canvases turned out beautiful.

Both of these pieces seem to reflect nature in some way, though I will confess I did not have that in mind while I was working on them.  This one reminds me of a sunset- all pinks and oranges, with the first stars of the evening winking in the sky.

abstract mini canvases

Abstract Mini Canvases

abstract mini canvases with texture paste

Instead of using paper clay in these abstract mini canvases as I’ve usually done when I’m planning on using my quilling pieces, I used texture paste.  The kind I used I’ve actually had for a long time, and never really knew what to do with it.  It was originally designed for stenciling onto walls and décor, but I love seeing the texture it adds to my pieces.

The tan texture paste is perfect with the green in this piece, and gives it a very organic, rich look.

abstract mini canvases

Whether using it straight from the bottle, or mixing it with a bit of paint to add some dimension like I did in the first piece, adding texture paste is a super fun and easy way to make your abstract piece pop.  It’s also perfect for adding elements, like my paper pieces.  Once it dries, it’s solid and able to hold lightweight elements with no problem.

So, what combinations will you try?  Go grab a few mini’s and try a few combos!

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