The Dragon

I’ve been practicing my sketches again, and I just can’t seem to keep away from my favorite Disney film.

I had to put some scribbly flames over her claws, because I can’t draw claws apparently.  I suppose I should do a practice study where I just draw claws, hands and feet.  I definitely need to get better at those aspects.  I’m also trying to practice the freedom with which I sketch- I tend to try to make things a little too true to life, rather than keeping it a simplistic sketch.  I think sketching either way is fine and good practice, but I’ve really been trying to work on the spontaneity of each piece.  It’s tough because I don’t trust myself, and I usually will sketch an outline before I sketch with the paint.  I can erase pencil and try to fix my mistakes, but working only with paint may help me find the virtues in the mistakes I make and help me use them rather than erase and redo them.
We’ll see how I do through my next few.  Maybe I’ll even move on to a different Disney movie.  🙂

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