layered collage

Abstract Collage with Layers of Texture

Originally  I created this piece as part of a commission for a friend.  She wanted a colorful triptych collage, but my combination of purple and teal didn’t quite work, so we decided to try again with red and black.  I still love this piece, its’ layers of texture, colors, and the way it came together.

  • I began by painting the canvas a light cream color.
  • Scraps of paper were adhered to the surface in random places
  • Modeling paste was the perfect medium to add some texture and bury/highlight the base papers.
  • I added another layer of paper and modeling paste, building up the textures and papers peeking through.
  • Before the paste dried, I splashed it with fluid acrylics in purple and teal, tipping the canvas so the liquids dripped down.

I repeated this process with several other collages, but none this same size.  I really feel these techniques produce more spectacular results in a larger format like this-  so much to take in and so many elements that add to the whole.

You can try adding paste through a stencil, adding even more layers, and adding more elements like thread or calligraphy.  As with any art form, the variations are endless and I’d love to  see how you use these same techniques!

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