Flashes of Gold- simple mixed media work

 simple mixed media art using quilling strips Yay!  New artwork!  Goodness, it feels like forever since I’ve finished an abstract quilling piece, but it is a new year with new goals and new energy, and this piece is a simple mixed media that I was able to complete in only an hour (if you don’t count drying time).simple mixed media art, white and goldI used no paint for this piece- the splashes are walnut ink, and a cascade of modeling paste adds texture and ground for embedding my paper pieces.  The flashes of gold leafing on the paper gives it just a little something extra.  I did have to seal it with an acrylic finishing spray since the ink is not permanent and will run.

I really like the movement in this one, and the fact that it’s such a simple mixed media piece.  It’s nice to be able to challenge myself in different ways, since a few of my other projects I’ll be sharing soon are quite ornate with lots of layers.  It is also nice to be able to finish  a piece quickly, especially while working on a few other complicated pieces that take a lot more time.

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