Mixed Media abstract art with quilling strips

Pacific Reef- mixed media art

mixed media abstract canvas art with quilled paper pieces and acrylic paint

I’ve been a little obsessed with Emerald Green lately.  I think it’s the coming onset of Spring- it can’t come soon enough for me!  The trees in North Carolina are about to burst into life- I’m waiting with bated breath and working with green in my studio.

mixed media abstract canvas art close up with quilling elements and acrylic paint

The technique I used for this canvas is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways of painting with acrylics.  It makes such unique backgrounds for my mixed media art.  I start with a dry canvas and add a few random globs of paint in whatever colors I’ve chosen.  I will usually overlap two or three of the colors so they’ll run together, and then I get my spray bottle out and go crazy.  I make sure the entire canvas is wet and concentrate a few sprays over the globs of paint.  Sometimes I’ll smear them a little with my finger to spread a bit more color if I need to.  I love to see how different colors and brands of paint will blend together.  I’m working on a video of this technique, too.  It’s my first video, so I don’t know how long it will take- hopefully I can get it done in a week or so instead of a month or two.  We’ll see.

Mixed Media abstract art with quilling stripsOf course, adding my paper pieces is what really makes these pieces interesting.  It’s so fun to see a piece come alive.  It’s almost as if my hand is being directed on where each piece should be placed, and the results are always awesome.

mixed media abstract art with surrounding photo

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