ink painting with modeling paste and calligraphy

Crystallography- mixed media ink painting with simple calligraphy

abstract ink painting with modeling paste and quilling strips

Each piece in my Recorded Histories series uses text combined with other elements to symbolize ways in which we learn and come to understand truth. Each ink painting is composed of black and white and one accent color.  So far I’ve done red and purple- for this piece I decided to use green.

This vibrant green india ink I have always reminds me of emeralds for some reason.  I’m not sure why I don’t think of trees or grass- it’s always emeralds.  In allowing my mind to ponder on the image of emerald crystals growing under ground, I found some interesting ideas and parallels to life that seemed perfect for inclusion in my Recorded Histories series.

My husband and I sometimes watch shows on TV that highlight people with different livelihoods.  Some of the ones we’ve seen showcase people that dig for gold or gemstones, including emeralds.  I find it interesting that these people work so hard for the hope of finding something big, something that will make all the time and effort worthwhile.  These people will dig for weeks, sometimes months without finding much of anything, and yet they keep going, working on faith that someday they’ll find what they need to survive hidden in the earth.

All of us at some time or other have to act in faith, as well.  Whether beginning a new job or business, starting a family, moving to a new town, or even making new friends, we all take risks and act with hope.  Though the outcomes vary, I love the imagery of someone digging into the unknown with hope, believing that the reward is just under the next stone, and never giving up until they’ve found it.

mixed media ink painting with calligraphy ink painting using quilled paper pieces ink painting with elements of handwritten text and text on paper

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Tim Holtz tissue wrap- the kind I’m using is discontinued.  🙁  But you can find some other designs here.

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium

India Ink

DecoArt black modeling paste

quilling strips

8 replies
  1. Betsy @ Happily Ever After, Etc.
    Betsy @ Happily Ever After, Etc. says:

    I absolutely love this! Mixed media is one of my favorite types of art… when I was in college I loved playing around with different mediums for my art classes. Although none of my mixed media pieces ever came out quite this good! Plus I adore the emerald reference… maybe because my little brother loves emeralds so I always associate them with him! Thanks for stopping by the Welcome Home Wednesday Link-Party today… I loved the opportunity to read your post! We’d love to see you next week!

  2. Lyn @MidMichiganMom
    Lyn @MidMichiganMom says:

    Anjuli, I like your integration of color and words. The green reminds me of Emeralds as well maybe because of the dark aspects? We enjoyed your post on Welcome Home Wednesday! Please come by again next Wednesday to party again!

  3. Yvonne Garner
    Yvonne Garner says:

    Hello! I just came across your blog and your gorgeous art. You have truly inspired me. I went to the site you mentioned to click on for quilling supplies. I am curious as to what size quill paper you generally use. 1/4, 1/8, 1/16? Any other suggestions for someone just getting started. I enjoy mixed media art and am a card maker, primarily, but would love to try to add dimension to my work with quilling. Thanks! Yvonne

    • Anjuli Johnson
      Anjuli Johnson says:

      Thanks Yvonne!! I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier- I’ve been with my sister for her wedding, and just got back! I usually use 1/8 inch strips. This size is pretty standard for most projects, though I’ve used 1/16th before. Those ones are twice as thin, so a little harder to work with. I haven’t used 1/4 inch, but I have cut my own strips into different widths to do more dimensional work. So fun! I’d love to see your projects!!


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