Inspire- overcoming mistakes in mixed media art

“Inspire”- Mistakes Don’t Have to Destroy Your Art

Don't let your mistakes take over.

You know how sometimes you can get so anxious to finish something that, in your haste, you make a lot of silly mistakes and forget things so it ends up actually taking longer than if you had just taken your time like you usually do?  That was this project.  I finished it around 2 am the night before I left for my sister’s wedding.  I could have finished it hours earlier if I hadn’t been rushing and trying to do things too fast.  Sigh… you live and learn, right?

This piece is a commission for a friend.  She specifically requested red, gold and black.  So, I set out to create the perfect piece for her.  I think I’ve gotten pretty close, despite my mistakes…

Inspire, mixed media canvas art with chipboard elements- overcome your mistakes

  • I began with my usual round of Tim Holtz tissue wrap.  On a white canvas, this stuff disappears, leaving just the printed pattern to stand out.  It’s awesome, and I use it in almost all of my projects.
  • I used my new stencil mask from UmWow Studios to add some texture paste.
  • Some red india ink splatters, misted with water, added some splashes of color.
  • The next steps were adding my chipboard elements- I actually changed my mind several times while working out these elements and their decoration.  You can see in the video how much I originally added was covered up.
  • The last steps were adding the lace ribbon and the metal word “Inspire”.  The word was actually painted purple, but I sanded all the paint off and used gold alcohol ink to color it, instead.

Inspire- overcome your mistakes and keep pushing forward

I hope you don’t mind seeing my mistakes and struggles with this piece.  I hesitated sharing everything- it can be hard sharing mistakes, but everyone makes them, and especially in art, they add not only to the pieces themselves, but to your own talent and experience.  Don’t ever let your mistakes discourage you from continuing.  Always push through and keep moving forward.  The end result may just be greater than you thought it could be!

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Supply List- (This list contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I will receive a commission.  You will not be charged more.)

Tim Holtz tissue wrap

Liquitex Gel Medium

Ranger Texture Paste

UmWow Studio chipboard confetti and stencil mask

India ink

Various chipboard elements

script stamps

Gold paint

Gold alcohol ink

Metal word element

Gold colored leafing


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