Speech Bubbles ink splashes

Speech Bubbles- mixed media quilling art

speech bubbles with india ink mixed media art

Man, this piece was so much fun!  I hope you guys don’t mind the overload of pictures, because I love every angle of each canvas.  I’ve also added the video I made of the whole process.  Watching how the ink feathers and spreads when it’s hit with sprays of water is just awesome.  Can you tell how much I love this stuff?

speech bubbles mixed media art with india ink

speech bubbles with quilling piecesWhat I love about this piece is how simple it is.

  •  I used the lids of various gels and pastes and ink as a template, brushed the ink onto the edges, and stamped them onto the surface.
  • I used my waterbottle to spritz the circles with a small amount of water.
  • Once the surface was dry, I used a circle stencil I had cut as a mask, so that the stamps I added to the surface would show as circles.
  • I did get a little lazy, and didn’t cut a smaller one when I should have…  sigh… sometimes I try to work too fast.
  • I added quilled paper pieces in matching colors and various shapes and sizes.
  • The final touch was to use my calligraphy pen to add lines and words around the circles.  I should have done that before adding the paper pieces- it would have made the process easier, but sometimes I get good ideas later in a piece.

So, not a difficult process.  The longest part is waiting for the ink to dry.  Well, that and adding the individual paper pieces.  There aren’t too many on this piece so it didn’t take long.

The name Speech Bubbles seemed appropriate, especially after adding the script stamps.

speech bubbles mixed media art with quilling pieces

speech bubbles ink splashes

speech bubbles mixed media art

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  1. Karenliz Henderson
    Karenliz Henderson says:

    Love them! The colors and the quilling is fabulous. My favorite part of ink/paint is spraying it with water and watching it do it’s own thing.


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