stitched paper ATC's

Stitched Paper ATC’s

stitched paper

I have some fun ATC’s for you today!  I had several cards left from my sister’s wedding, and I wanted use them in a project.  I grabbed several of them and got to work.

  • I took 2 or 3 and cut them into strips and squares, and added a layer of white gesso.
  • I used some different script stamps with distress inks to add some text.
  • Some ripped pieces of tissue wrap were mixed in with these stamped pieces and adhered to 6 full cards.
  • With the backgrounds and stamped pieces, these cards already looked pretty cool, but I wanted to work a bit more on the stitched technique I did a few days ago.  I grabbed some coordinating threads and went to town adding stitches to each card.
  • It took a little while to tie a lot of the tails together, but these close ups show you the cool details the threads add.
  • As a final step, I added some sketch lines and dots with my calligraphy pen and some colored india ink.

stitched paper ATC'sStitched paper technique

Beyond the fun stitches and stamps on the surface, the long threads really extend each card and work really well with the splatters in the background.  I love these effects!  And it was really such a simple process- not too many steps, just a few layers of paper and some runs through the sewing machine, and you have your own stitched paper ATC’s, cards, layouts, tags, etc.  You can’t go wrong!

stitched paper ATC's Thank you for reading!  I hope I’ve inspired you in some way today.  Have fun creating!!

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