christmas party favors

DIY Christmas party favors

Christmas!  I’ve been going crazy with decorating this year, so much so that I decided to do even more and throw a Christmas party.  I have to say, since it’s been awhile since I’ve had a party- they are hard work!!  It was so worth it though.  We decorated Gingerbread houses, sang Christmas carols, chatted and ate lots of food.  And when every one left for the night, I handed out these super cute little Christmas party favors I made.

IMG_2674-compressor IMG_2672-compressor

I found the idea for these in an old Somerset magazine which, despite searching for the past hour, I can’t find.  I’m worried my husband may have thrown it away… sigh… If I find it I’ll update the info., but in the meantime here are the steps I took.

  • The outside of these is paper, the inside muslin.  I cut squares of heat n’ bond lite and muslin to fit the 12*12 squares of Christmas paper I had picked out.
  • The heat n’ bond lite is used to adhere the fabric to the paper.  Iron the squares of paper to the to heat n bond, then iron the fabric to the paper.
  • I drew a basic stocking shape on a piece of cardstock, and used that for my template.  I was able to cut out 3 of these stockings from one piece of the fabric backed paper.
  • Be careful that you cut fronts and backs for the stockings- if you don’t flip the template, you’ll end up with lots of one-sided stockings.
  • Before I sewed the two sides together, I added some washi tape to the top edge.
  • After sewing the stocking, I used my distress tool to rough up the edges.  The fabric inside made the distressing look even better!
  • Now, it just needs a wire handle and some jingle bells.
  • Add some candy and a Christmas poem, and you’re all set!


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!  May your parties be awesome, your  Christmas party favors be a hit, and your spirit be bright and happy this wonderful week!

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