mixed media quilling necklace

Mixed Media Jewelry- Emerald Quilling Pendant

I am so excited to show you this mixed media jewelry piece I’ve finished!  I’ve been inspired by, and hoping to create, some jewelry pieces for quite a long time.  Though I do have a lot of ideas for pieces in the future, I love that I have been able to start with some necklaces inspired by my signature quilling style.

Mixed Media Jewelry- Emerald Green Quilling Pendant

Each of these pendants will have a paper background, then my quilled paper pieces will be added.  I noticed in my earlier trials that once i add the resin, the background become fairly translucent, so I started adding a layer of white gesso to the metal pendant before adding any of the paper, and it helps to keep the paper from appearing too clear.

One of the biggest issues (I say issue for lack of a better term- it’s not really an issue per se) is that my quilled paper pieces are higher than the depth of the pendant, and so I add resin to the top of each paper piece first, allowing it to cover the paper from top to bottom, before I add resin to the entire piece.  Gravity works against me a little bit, but the resin takes a while to set, and so I’m able to work for a while to make sure every bit of paper is sealed.

What do you think?  I love how abstract and unique it is, and all of the pendants I’ve been working on.  I know they will lead to the creation of new and awesome ideas in the future, as well.

This piece is available to purchase- if you’re interested, head over to my online store.

mixed media jewelry- pendant with quilled paper strips

mixed media jewelry- quilling necklace

Have you created any mixed media jewelry?  Do you have any suggestions for me as I continue to work on this series?  I would love to hear your ideas and see your creations!

Mixed Media Jewelry with Quilled Paper Pieces

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