daily art journaling

Daily Art Journaling- Keep a Blessings Journal

Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away, so I thought this…
mixed media art illness

Illness- My First Abstract Quilling Piece

Mixed Media is the use of various artistic elements to create…
wedding scrapbook page

Wedding Pages

My husband and I have a deal- on the nights I head to scrapbook…
image transfer

Image Transfer Techniques for your Art Journal

I've been experimenting and practicing doing images transfers…
keeping a blessings journal

Keeping up with my Blessings Journal

It's been almost a month since I began this journal, and the…
blessings journal
tissue tape scrapbook layout

Tim Holtz tissue tape

I recently attended a crop at Archiver's (love that store!)…
simple inspiration, altered clipboard

Simple Inspiration

I love it when I can find simple inspiration in everday, ordinary…
watercolor journal page

Watercolor Journal Page

This is another page from my blessings journal- another experiement…
memory screen for wedding table

Memory Screen

  Like any girl, I had a lot of dreams and plans for my wedding. …
blessings journal

My Blessings Journal

I have been so blessed this year.  So many wonderful changes…
Wax cube close up

Encaustic Map Cube

I've been so obsessed with maps lately that I can't stop painting…
abstract painting of Charlotte, NC

Abstract Painting of Charlotte, NC

I hope everyone's fall has been spectacular so far!  I've been…
mixed media book with stitching

Creating a Mixed Media Book of Letters

This summer has been a busy one!  I'm so excited to share my…

Using a Stippling Technique to Build Texture in Encaustic Art

This painting was a study in problem solving for me.  I knew…

Raleigh Past and Present- Encaustic Map

In this Encaustic map painting I've combined two maps of Raleigh.…
etsy shop

My Etsy Shop Reboot

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope all of your holiday plans are…

Abstract Encaustic Maps with Layers of Color

There are so many artistic possibilities that are unique to encaustic…

My Mixed Media Maps- Representing History

Mixed Media Maps- "City of Oaks" We use maps pretty much every…

Scrapbook Pages on Canvas

So, I'm kind of a noob.  I realized that I made these canvases…
mixed media piece with quilling

Abstract Mixed Media Piece- "One Great Whole"

I have had such a difficult time writing this post.  I don't…
mixed media quilling necklace

Mixed Media Jewelry- Emerald Quilling Pendant

I am so excited to show you this mixed media jewelry piece I've…
neutral color crackle paste

Neutral Color Scrapbook Canvas

I've always been more of a neutral color fan.  I feel like it's…
Design Team Projects for Scrapiniec

Design Team Projects for Scrapiniec

Hi!  I've missed you!  Now that our show is over, I have all…
square quilling art by Anjuli Johnson

Square Quilling in Mixed Media Art- "Building Blocks"

Boy, it's been a long time since I finished a project!  Two…
decoart projects

DecoArt Dimensional Effects in Abstract Art

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  I have a couple awesome mini canvases…
contrasting textures
using a make-up dauber to paint

"Forces of Nature"- using a make-up dauber to create abstract pieces

I've been experimenting with different tools and mediums lately…
mixed media workshop

What I Learned from Teaching My First Mixed Media Workshop

So, I taught my first mixed media workshop last weekend!  I…
abstract painting tutorial

Abstract painting- "Master Plan"

Ok, confession time- this had been a rough week.  I won't go…
steampunk tag with chipboard frame

Steampunk Tag with tutorial video

Perhaps it was the amazing steampunk Maleficent dragon I saw…
idea-ology covers

Altered Tim Holtz Idea-ology Covers

Hello everyone!!  I have some fun binders for you today.  I…
altered covers using mixed media techniques

Altered Covers for Journals from the Dollar Bin

I was recently asked to serve with the Young Women in my church.…
disney layout

A fun Disney layout with a little magic

I have a fun layout for you today!!  I've been organizing some…
messy mixed media

Small & Messy Mixed Media Quilling Art

I don't usually have time to make 2 videos in one week, but I've…
splatter collage with chipboard and stamped images

Mixed Media Splatter Collage- "Organized Chaos"

Happy New Year!  Who's up for a steampunk splatter collage?…
christmas party favors

DIY Christmas party favors

Christmas!  I've been going crazy with decorating this year,…
mixed media snowflake art

Mixed Media Snowflake Commission

I was approached by a friend of mine a couple weeks ago about…
DIY Christmas Orbs

DIY Christmas Orbs using mixed media techniques

It's been several years since I've done any decorating for Christmas.…

Christmas mixed media canvas

It's December!!  I'm so excited for Christmas, I've been…
contrasting textures

Encaustic Art with Contrasting Texture

I have an encaustic piece for you today, with a new video of…