wedding scrapbook

Wedding Pages- Part 2

I love productive weekends.  Being able to focus on one thing…
trypophobia close up

Trypophobia- Mixed Media Quilling Art

Trypophobia- "an intense, irrational fear of holes" according…
wedding card book

Ring-Bound Wedding Card Book

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I know mine was great. …
daily art journaling

Daily Art Journaling- Keep a Blessings Journal

Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away, so I thought this…
mixed media art illness

Illness- My First Abstract Quilling Piece

Mixed Media is the use of various artistic elements to create…
wedding scrapbook page

Wedding Pages

My husband and I have a deal- on the nights I head to scrapbook…
image transfer

Image Transfer Techniques for your Art Journal

I've been experimenting and practicing doing images transfers…
keeping a blessings journal

Keeping up with my Blessings Journal

It's been almost a month since I began this journal, and the…
blessings journal
tissue tape scrapbook layout

Tim Holtz tissue tape

I recently attended a crop at Archiver's (love that store!)…
simple inspiration, altered clipboard

Simple Inspiration

I love it when I can find simple inspiration in everday, ordinary…
watercolor journal page

Watercolor Journal Page

This is another page from my blessings journal- another experiement…
memory screen for wedding table

Memory Screen

  Like any girl, I had a lot of dreams and plans for my wedding. …
blessings journal

My Blessings Journal

I have been so blessed this year.  So many wonderful changes…
mixed media snowflake art
flowers and angel wings

"Angel Wings"- Mixed Media Art with Negative Space

Mixed Media Art with Negative Space It always amazes me how…
encaustic and alcohol inks

Encaustic with Alcohol Inks and a Dry Shellac Burn

It's been a long time since I've created an encaustic with alcohol…
Wax cube close up

Encaustic Map Cube

I've been so obsessed with maps lately that I can't stop painting…
abstract painting of Charlotte, NC

Abstract Painting of Charlotte, NC

I hope everyone's fall has been spectacular so far!  I've been…
mixed media book with stitching

Creating a Mixed Media Book of Letters

This summer has been a busy one!  I'm so excited to share my…
The Outer Banks Encaustic

Using a Stippling Technique to Build Texture in Encaustic Art

This painting was a study in problem solving for me.  I knew…

Raleigh Past and Present- Encaustic Map

In this Encaustic map painting I've combined two maps of Raleigh.…
etsy shop

My Etsy Shop Reboot

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope all of your holiday plans are…

Abstract Encaustic Maps with Layers of Color

There are so many artistic possibilities that are unique to encaustic…

My Mixed Media Maps- Representing History

Mixed Media Maps- "City of Oaks" We use maps pretty much every…

Scrapbook Pages on Canvas

So, I'm kind of a noob.  I realized that I made these canvases…
mixed media piece with quilling

Abstract Mixed Media Piece- "One Great Whole"

I have had such a difficult time writing this post.  I don't…
mixed media quilling necklace

Mixed Media Jewelry- Emerald Quilling Pendant

I am so excited to show you this mixed media jewelry piece I've…
neutral color crackle paste

Neutral Color Scrapbook Canvas

I've always been more of a neutral color fan.  I feel like it's…
Design Team Projects for Scrapiniec

Design Team Projects for Scrapiniec

Hi!  I've missed you!  Now that our show is over, I have all…
square quilling art by Anjuli Johnson

Square Quilling in Mixed Media Art- "Building Blocks"

Boy, it's been a long time since I finished a project!  Two…
decoart projects

DecoArt Dimensional Effects in Abstract Art

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  I have a couple awesome mini canvases…
mixed media snowflake art
using a make-up dauber to paint

"Forces of Nature"- using a make-up dauber to create abstract pieces

I've been experimenting with different tools and mediums lately…
mixed media workshop

What I Learned from Teaching My First Mixed Media Workshop

So, I taught my first mixed media workshop last weekend!  I…
abstract painting tutorial

Abstract painting- "Master Plan"

Ok, confession time- this had been a rough week.  I won't go…
steampunk tag with chipboard frame

Steampunk Tag with tutorial video

Perhaps it was the amazing steampunk Maleficent dragon I saw…
idea-ology covers

Altered Tim Holtz Idea-ology Covers

Hello everyone!!  I have some fun binders for you today.  I…
altered covers using mixed media techniques

Altered Covers for Journals from the Dollar Bin

I was recently asked to serve with the Young Women in my church.…
disney layout

A fun Disney layout with a little magic

I have a fun layout for you today!!  I've been organizing some…
messy mixed media

Small & Messy Mixed Media Quilling Art

I don't usually have time to make 2 videos in one week, but I've…
splatter collage with chipboard and stamped images

Mixed Media Splatter Collage- "Organized Chaos"

Happy New Year!  Who's up for a steampunk splatter collage?…
christmas party favors

DIY Christmas party favors

Christmas!  I've been going crazy with decorating this year,…
mixed media snowflake art

Mixed Media Snowflake Commission

I was approached by a friend of mine a couple weeks ago about…