Design Team Projects for Scrapiniec

Hi!  I’ve missed you!  Now that our show is over, I have all this free time again and I thought I’d share some of my latest projects with you, these ones all done for Scrapiniec.  They are a Polish chipboard company, and they have some of the most unique designs I’ve seen in chipboard.  There are some amazing artists on our team, and I am so lucky to be able to count myself among them.  Are you on any design teams?  I would love to check out your projects!!  Drop a link below.

Design Team Projects

I have 3 design team projects to share with you.  The first is an altered box that I created as a thank you gift for a friend.  The chipboard and flowers really dress it up and make it look super classy.

design team projects for Scrapiniec

I created this layout with various types of chipboard from their collection.  My favorite part, though, are the frames over the photos.  The chipboard comes packaged securely, laser cut but still clinging to frames and sheets that allow them to travel without getting bent or ripped apart.  Once I had taken the chipboard out of its’ frame, I was left with quite a few extra pieces of square shaped frames.  So, I decided to use them!  And what a great effect it turned out to be.

design team projects with Scrapiniec chipboard design team projects- layouts side view design team projects layout

The last of my recent design team projects I’ll share with you is my scrapbook canvas from this week.  I made this, along with several others (stay tuned for those!) as thank you gifts for the directors of and producers of the show we just finished.  I love being able to give meaningful gifts that will last forever.  If they love them half as much as I had fun making them, then they will be cherished for years to come.  🙂

design team projects on canvas design team projects canvas design team projects canvas with lots of elements

Thanks for visiting!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas- what inspires you the most?  What is your favorite type of mixed media art?  Let me know!

Altered Covers for Journals from the Dollar Bin

I was recently asked to serve with the Young Women in my church.  It’s a big job, but I’m so excited to see them progress in their testimonies!  It has become a tradition in our congregation for the leaders to bake a super awesome, individual sized cake for each of the young women on their birthdays.  This tradition has lasted for years, but as new leaders, we did not want to have to continue doing something that wasn’t really necessary.  And yet, we couldn’t not do anything, either.  So, what did I do?  I volunteered to do some altered covers on some dollar bin journals, so that each young woman can have an altered journal on her birthday.  I have to say, it’s a lot more fun for me than baking a cake, if still a bit time consuming…  🙂

altered covers with texture paste and embellishments

Since I’m going to be doing so many of these, I’ve come up with a quick step-by-step formula so that I can create unique, colorful, beautiful journals quickly and not spend hours on each one.  The part that takes the longest is the drying time for any texture paste or ink.

I created a free printable so you can quickly refer back to these steps if you want or need a blueprint for a quick project.  Click the button below to subscribe and download the sheet, then tack it up to your wall while you work.

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Essentially, you work from flat to raised elements to build up the surface bit by bit.

  • Sand and gesso the surface to prepare it for all the stuff you’ll be adding, and to help cover any crazy printing on the original surface.
  • The first elements to add would be patterned paper/tissue wrap.  Use gel medium to adhere it to the surface. (You can also use modge podge, but I don’t like modge podge.  It’s too sticky. Gel medium is waaaaay better, and worth the extra expense.)
  • Add some texture to the surface by taking some texture or modeling paste and applying it to the surface with a palette knife or through a stencil.  You can also adhere some fabric, cheesecloth, or even paper towels, napkins, or tulle to the surface for some fun texture.
  • This is where I usually add some stamped images, especially script stamps.  I stamp lightly in certain random areas so the stamped image doesn’t show up completely, but compliments the surrounding texture and elements.
  • Time for some color!!  I am such a fan of india ink splatters misted with water.  The ink spreads in such a fun, organic way, and the colors blend in variegated, awesome ways.  Of course, there are so many types of colors and ink out there- anything goes!!  The techniques are literally endless.
  • Time to embellish!  Metal pieces, chipboard, flowers, paper, etc.  Go crazy.  I use gel medium to adhere my pieces.  It’s firm, dries clear, and I don’t worry about anything falling off, even metal.  Be generous.
  • Finishing touches- go over your cover one more time and decide if it needs anything else- more color?  microbeads? a bit more stamping?

And that’s my process!  The longest part is waiting for things to dry, which is fine because I can start the same process on a few of the other journals while I’m waiting.

altered covers with flair altered covers- chipboard altered covers- paper flowers

I hope you’ve enjoyed this altered covers project and tutorial today!!  I’d love to know how you use the process to create some altered covers and if you alter the steps, what steps you add, etc.  Let’s keep inspiring each other!!

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altered covers- back cover

Altered Planner Cover- lots of texture!

altered planner

I have a confession to make- I hate planning.  HATE it.  I don’t really know why, but every time I try to get organized I lose interest, and just end up doing- I don’t know- not what I need to do.

Anyway, I recently found a new way of planning that uses bullets on graph paper. It actually seemed like it could work for me, and since I already had an empty graph journal I’d bought for like 2 dollars at Borders and never used, I’ve been working on my planning for the past week.

Of course, the journal I’m using needed a new cover.  Black is just too boring, am I right? Ok, it’s not always boring- I actually like black a lot, but this journal needed something else.


  • I began by sanding the faux leather surface.  I knew I was going to be adding a lot of layers, and I wanted as much for them to adhere to as possible.
  • Then came layers of gesso, cheesecloth, muslin, and texture paste.  I specifically formed the muslin to create a pocket for a pen, so wherever I may take my planner, I’ll have a pen with me as well.
  • I sealed them all with gel medium for extra strength before I added anything else.
  • I used several stamps to decorate my textured surface.
  • Then came lots of metal embellishments, along with a chipboard clock that I cut in two.
  • Once they dried in place, I painted them with gesso.
  • I added ink with a “controlled splatter” technique I learned from a recent video by Mireille Binet- she ink brushed on plastic wrapping to apply droplets of ink to the surface of her project, and I replicated that here.  Thanks Mireille!
  • Flowers and beads came next, with a few splashes of ink for the petals.
  • The last thing was to add the chipboard sentiment.


Hopefully I can become more organized and better able to plan my days with the help of this altered planner.   I think this yummy cover will help, don’t you?

altered planner close up

altered planner cover with mixed media elementsaltered planner cover

altered planner back cover

Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to subscribe for more tutorials and projects- I’m brainstorming a lot of awesomeness for the blog, so stay tuned!!

Altered Treat Box from the Dollar Store- Happy Halloween!


altered treat box
Happy Halloween everyone!  Ok, not quite, but were getting there!  Fall really crept up on me this year.  It seems like just a couple months ago we had our big snowstorm here in Raleigh (meaning it snowed like 3 inches and everything shut down for a couple days.)  And now the summer is over, and the holidays are just around the corner.  Well, at least I’m a couple weeks ahead with this project.


I was at the dollar store the other day, and found quite a few things I could use for a halloween project.  I don’t know why I’m so late to the “dollar store art supply” party, but now that I finally made it, I’m pretty happy with the things I’ve been finding!!  For this project, it was a coffin shaped treat box and a string of plastic skeletons.  Why not create an altered treat box coffin to make a fabulous home for one of these skeletons?


He’s so gooey, I just love it, especially against the fabric padding inside.  I used transparent texture paste to adhere the muslin strips to his body, and in certain places it looks like flesh still clinging to the bones.  Awesome!


I love all the black and white elements- flowers, buttons, beads, wax seal initial, chipboard…  The cheesecloth and the texture paste I added to the surface of the coffin I dyed brown, to make it seem more dirty and old.  It looks a little like it’s been in a mausoleum for awhile, right?

altered treat box coffin for halloween
halloween altered treat boxaltered treat box for halloween


So, what do you guys think?  What colors and elements would you use to create a mixed media coffin?  What colors?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Simple Inspiration

I love it when I can find simple inspiration in everday, ordinary things that I see around my house, at the store, or even at my office.  And I love it even more when my inspiration transforms into pieces of art that I fall completely in love with.simple inspirationI found this clipboard while shopping yesterday, and immediately my mind kicked into creative overdrive.  It was the perfect foundation for a small, simple, and fast project, and I was able to experiment a little more with vellum, and how it reacts with modge podge- a combination I had never tried before.

The base layer is one piece of patterned paper over the entire board.  I added a torn piece to the middle, after I used a brown ink pad to distress it.  I simply laid it on a scrap piece of paper to catch the ink off the edges, and swiped it gently over the paper a few times, until I had the amount of distress I was looking for.   (I love the distressed look my brown ink gives to this piece. It’s such a simple element to add, but I feel that it adds just that right amount of ‘oooh!’ to this project.)  Once I added that piece, I inked the edges of the entire board.  I used a few glue dots to initially adhere the vellum to the piece, then I added some transparent patterened tape around the bottom of the board, including the back.  I cut out and distressed two embellishments to finish up the adornments, and then I used a thin layer of modge podge to seal it all.  I used the modge podge on the back of the vellum as well as the front to adhere it completely.  The paper, especially the vellum, will pucker a little when you use the modge podge, but it should dry flat.

The best part was that I was able to finish this in just a couple of hours last night (including drying time).  I do have one thing I would change, and that is to print the quote, not hand write it.  It would look neater and blend much better with the background I created.

I can’t decide if I want to use this piece as a picture frame, to hold papers and notes while I type at work, or to simply display it as-is, since I think it totally works as a stand alone piece.  Also, I’m trying to decide if I should use ribbon to dangle it from the wall, or a small easel to prop it up for a tabletop frame.  A piece of black and white musical ribbon would look well with the transparent tape I used at the bottom of the board (Tim Holtz.  LOVE his stuff!)  But I think having an easel would be better to display this overall.  I guess I’ll just have to make a few more, and try both ways.