Scrapbook Pages on Canvas

So, I’m kind of a noob.  I realized that I made these canvases over a month ago, and I have yet to share them with you here!  I’m so proud of them, too.  I really pushed myself and my ideas to create these scrapbook pages on canvas.  I think they turned out really well, and so different from each other.

scrapbook pages on canvas with paper flowers

This one is obviously more a shabby chic/heavily embellished page.  There are so many elements on this page- chipboard, paper flowers, texture paste, cheesecloth, stamping, ink, paint, gesso, and more.  It’s so fun to build the layers of texture in pieces like this, though it is a struggle sometimes because inevitably I end up covering up some element I really love with something else.  You can never get too attached to any one layer in this line of work… 🙂

side view of one of my scrapbook pages on canvas

Scrapbook Pages on Canvas

close up of one of my scrapbook pages on canvas

This canvas is a completely different style from the one above.  Simplified, more modern, and very clean, this piece has some texture paste, ink, and a chipboard piece with the photo on top.  That’s it!

I used a compass to sketch these circles out in pencil, then drew over them with my calligraphy pen and different colors of india ink.  A spritz of water, and you get that awesome splattered/feathery quality that makes the surface so yummy looking.  🙂

modern scrapbook pages on canvas scrapbook pages on canvas using different styles

Thanks for checking these out!!  Have you made any scrapbook pages on canvas?  Leave a link to your blog- I would love to see them!


Stitched Paper ATC’s

stitched paper

I have some fun ATC’s for you today!  I had several cards left from my sister’s wedding, and I wanted use them in a project.  I grabbed several of them and got to work.

  • I took 2 or 3 and cut them into strips and squares, and added a layer of white gesso.
  • I used some different script stamps with distress inks to add some text.
  • Some ripped pieces of tissue wrap were mixed in with these stamped pieces and adhered to 6 full cards.
  • With the backgrounds and stamped pieces, these cards already looked pretty cool, but I wanted to work a bit more on the stitched technique I did a few days ago.  I grabbed some coordinating threads and went to town adding stitches to each card.
  • It took a little while to tie a lot of the tails together, but these close ups show you the cool details the threads add.
  • As a final step, I added some sketch lines and dots with my calligraphy pen and some colored india ink.

stitched paper ATC'sStitched paper technique

Beyond the fun stitches and stamps on the surface, the long threads really extend each card and work really well with the splatters in the background.  I love these effects!  And it was really such a simple process- not too many steps, just a few layers of paper and some runs through the sewing machine, and you have your own stitched paper ATC’s, cards, layouts, tags, etc.  You can’t go wrong!

stitched paper ATC's Thank you for reading!  I hope I’ve inspired you in some way today.  Have fun creating!!

Scripture Mastery Cards and DIY Holder

scripture mastery atc card holder

Ok, so no one is allowed to tell my sister, but I’ll be packing this ATC case up tonight and sending it to her tomorrow.  She has just started high school, and in my family, that means she will also be starting early morning seminary.

My family and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and early morning seminary is a program in the church where high school students attend a scripture class every morning before school.  As part of the program, every year there are 25 scriptures that are highlighted as “Scripture Mastery”.  The students are encouraged to memorize these scriptures, and each student is given a set of cards that has the scripture and reference, as well as notes on the context and it’s meaning.  I thought it would be a great gift for my sister if I made her a unique set of scripture mastery cards with their own case she could carry to class.

scripture mastery mixed media atc cards

I decorated the front of each card and added the scripture reference to the front somewhere- either printing it or simply writing it.  I prefer printing when I can, because my handwriting is not very reliable- I have a hard time making it look nice and uniform.  However, some of these cards were too thick and packed with embellishments for me to run them through my printer, so hand written it had to be.scripture mastery atc cards

The Church has the official scripture mastery cards available to download and print for free, so I printed off the scripture reference part of each card and added it to the back of my ATC’s.

scripture mastery cards

I’ve loved being able to try a wide variety of techniques with these cards, from more simple to lots of layers.  The little details were so fun, like using ink to color the thread on the back of some of my stitched cards, and watching the ink soak through and color the thread on the front, adding a really cool variegated effect.  This project can really be used for all sorts of occasions- famous quotes, favorite books, collections from other artists, business cards, tags, tutorial cards, etc.  The sky is really the limit!!  How would you use this project?
If you’d like my tutorial for the Card case, here is an article I wrote about it for

Let me know what you think in the comments!  I’m always looking for new ideas and suggestions!

“Inspire”- Mistakes Don’t Have to Destroy Your Art

Don't let your mistakes take over.

You know how sometimes you can get so anxious to finish something that, in your haste, you make a lot of silly mistakes and forget things so it ends up actually taking longer than if you had just taken your time like you usually do?  That was this project.  I finished it around 2 am the night before I left for my sister’s wedding.  I could have finished it hours earlier if I hadn’t been rushing and trying to do things too fast.  Sigh… you live and learn, right?

This piece is a commission for a friend.  She specifically requested red, gold and black.  So, I set out to create the perfect piece for her.  I think I’ve gotten pretty close, despite my mistakes…

Inspire, mixed media canvas art with chipboard elements- overcome your mistakes

  • I began with my usual round of Tim Holtz tissue wrap.  On a white canvas, this stuff disappears, leaving just the printed pattern to stand out.  It’s awesome, and I use it in almost all of my projects.
  • I used my new stencil mask from UmWow Studios to add some texture paste.
  • Some red india ink splatters, misted with water, added some splashes of color.
  • The next steps were adding my chipboard elements- I actually changed my mind several times while working out these elements and their decoration.  You can see in the video how much I originally added was covered up.
  • The last steps were adding the lace ribbon and the metal word “Inspire”.  The word was actually painted purple, but I sanded all the paint off and used gold alcohol ink to color it, instead.

Inspire- overcome your mistakes and keep pushing forward

I hope you don’t mind seeing my mistakes and struggles with this piece.  I hesitated sharing everything- it can be hard sharing mistakes, but everyone makes them, and especially in art, they add not only to the pieces themselves, but to your own talent and experience.  Don’t ever let your mistakes discourage you from continuing.  Always push through and keep moving forward.  The end result may just be greater than you thought it could be!

Let me know what you think of this piece, and be sure to enter your email under Subscribe, so you won’t miss out on any of the awesome projects I have coming soon!

Supply List- (This list contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I will receive a commission.  You will not be charged more.)

Tim Holtz tissue wrap

Liquitex Gel Medium

Ranger Texture Paste

UmWow Studio chipboard confetti and stencil mask

India ink

Various chipboard elements

script stamps

Gold paint

Gold alcohol ink

Metal word element

Gold colored leafing


Assemblage practice

assemblage canvas practiceHappy Tuesday everyone!  It won’t be Monday for another week.  🙂  Yay!

So in celebration, here is my latest piece.  I wish I had a video to go along with this one, but to tell the truth, it confounded me for a long time.  I’ve actually been working on this one for the past couple months.  It’s a pretty small canvas- only 4*12 inches, but because I didn’t have a clear idea of what it was going to look like when I was finished, I struggled.  I’ve never really done assemblage type works of art before, and so it took awhile before it began to take on a life of it’s own, and there were several moments I had to simply put it aside and work out my frustration on something else.  But in the end, I got there.

My first few layers were tissue wrap covered with modeling paste I had applied over a gear stencil.  I had colored some modeling paste with some gold paint for a different project, and I had a lot leftover that I couldn’t just put back in its’ container.  So I pulled the stencil out, grabbed this canvas, and applied the paste to one of the corners, knowing that I’d come back to it later and figure out what to do with it.  When I did come back to it, I added some tissue wrap and more modeling paste along the other corner, than some black india ink to highlight the gold.  Yes, this project was once very different in color.   I darkened some cheesecloth and began to add metal and chipboard embellishments.  This part was the funnest, actually- taking all the random parts I could find and piling them on the surface.  That was the point where the canvas really  began to develop on its’ own.  Once I added the layers of ink sprays, it was finished and completely different from what I thought it would be.  assemblage canvas close up with ink sprays

assemblage canvas with metal and chipboard pieces There are so many exercises that can increase your skills as an artist.  I think this may be one of the more difficult exercises- working on a piece bit by bit without any idea of what it will turn into or what it means- but it definitely stretches you and your abilities. I’ll have to keep practicing my assemblage techniques and see where they take me.assemblage canvas close up

Supply list-  (this list contains affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase through one of these links I will receive a commission.  It does not change the price or experience for you.)

Tim Holtz tissue wrap

Liquitex modeling paste

crafter’s workshop stencil


UmWow Studio chipboard

metal findings

tattered angels ink sprays

Maps- article for

article for

I am such a fanatic for maps.  I can’t even explain how much I love to incorporate them into my art.

I wrote an article for that describes a project I completed recently for a missionary who was leaving Raleigh after 18 months of service.  I am happy to report that she was very happy with her gift, and it’s my hope that it will be a wonderful reminder of the people she met and the miracles she witnessed in the Lord’s service.

In the article I talk about the maps I used to create this collage and the resources I used to find them.  I hope you’ll take the time to read it and share with me your thoughts.  Are there any other map fanatics out there?  Let me know what resources you use to find, print, and use maps in your artwork.