My Etsy Shop Reboot

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope all of your holiday plans are coming together.  I am super behind this year- I haven’t even finished decorating my tree yet!  And we won’t even talk about the fact that I have no idea what to give my husband… sigh. Part of the reason I’m so behind is because I’ve been working so hard on my new line of mixed media jewelry I’m selling in my Etsy shop.  I’ve done a reboot and now, I’m using the Etsy platform to sell only my new line of mixed media charms.  What do you think?!


etsy shop

Getting Specific about my Etsy Shop

I opened my Etsy shop in 2012 as a way to sell my mixed media art, but I never managed to make it work.  I was too scared of everything, I suppose- shipping especially.  Shipping can be confusing anyway, but add in so many different sizes, the cost of packing materials, and constant anxiety that my pieces were going to arrive in pieces (see what I did there?  I’m hilarious, right?), I ended up paralyzed and as a consequence never had any sales.  So, I decided to give up on Etsy.  There were lots of other ways to sell my work, right?  I showcase in a local art store in Wilmington (Going Local), I’ve recently started doing art fairs (another post that will becoming soon), and I’ve done a few commissions.

It wasn’t until I began making mixed media jewelry that I started thinking about Etsy again.  I knew that if I wanted to be successful on Etsy, I needed to simplify my shop.  The jewelry I’ve been making was the perfect solution!  They’re small and light (which makes shipping so easy and inexpensive!), I can complete each charm quickly, and selling only my jewelry keeps my shop clean, neat, and specific.


Etsy Shop Charms


So, I’m giving Etsy another try, and I have to say, after selling 5 charms within 12 hours of my first listing going live, I know I’ll be able to be successful at it!


Future Plans…

I have a lot of awesome plans in the works, plans that I hope will be as exciting for you as they are for me!  First of all, I’m working on a line of in depth projects and tutorials that are project based and filled with basic instruction, money saving tips, and fear-blasting encouragement.  Youtube tutorials are necessarily short- around 15 minutes in my case.  I speed things up to fit them in this time frame, but in doing so there are a lot of details you might miss, and consequently, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.  I will still be posting those videos to youtube, but now I will also be slowing things down and adding a lot of instructions and tips within the videos, as well as having some kind of printable guide for you to use and refer back to when you need it.  Awesome, huh?  Stay tuned for those coming in the future!


Etsy jewelry